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Reflective Advice

A colleague of mine recently shared this with me and I found it quite refreshing…..After a student submits their application to Western Washington University, the university responds with great advice to parents and their students as they await a decision. I think this advice is not only fitting after application submission but also now as students make their final college selection. I share this advice below.

  • Be aware and engaged. The next several months will pick up momentum and excitement, and you and your student may be affected by the stress. Take the time to check in with one another about what is on your mind, what is causing the most stress, and consider what steps you need to take along the way.

  • Rely on support networks.

In addition to connecting with each other, you and your student should reach out to family members, school counselors and administrators, teachers, or university representatives: you will soon realize that there are many people who want to see you and your family succeed and thrive!

  • Step back at the right times. Your student is on the path of increased independence and self-reliance. Allow them the space and opportunity to increasingly contribute to the conversation as well as checking off items on the to-do list.

  • Enjoy the discovery. This time in your lives is uniquely special. Remember to enjoy the process of discovery that is the college selection process.

As summer approaches and many families begin to embrace the next steps for their family (before the fall comes too quickly for some), I encourage families to breathe deep. Reflect on these words above…Maybe even try saying them out loud while sitting in a quiet space.

Be aware and engage.

Rely on support networks.

Step back.


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