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March 2021 FREE yoga class! 

I’m offering Your Best Life Yoga4Teens! This class is FREE during the month of February, every Monday at 7:00pm CST. This class is available In Person at Free Range South Wing and online via Zoom.

Limited space available (5) for an in-person class. All COVID-19 safety guidelines will be followed including (At this time, everyone wearing masks. Unless, of course, you are virtual.)

Do you know a teen who needs calm and focus? Or, an athlete who needs

more strength or flexibility? A musician desiring more breath control?

YBLY4T is for everyBODY! We will practice acceptance without

competition and ego. This class is only for teens. Please note, those

younger than 18 will require a parent signature. YBLY4T is a beginner-level

class and no experience is necessary. Email me if you have a teen

who is interested! Participants will require a waiver to attend.



I completed a 200-hour yoga and wellness training program called Breathe For Change (B4C). The reason I attended this training was for a couple of reasons. In recent years I have seen an increase in anxiety among my students. From someone who struggled with anxiety as a high schooler (and still do at times as an adult), I felt I had to do more, learn more. So after some research, I landed on the website for Breathe For Change. 


B4C works with educators and schools to help transform the way we teach and in my opinion, will change the way our education system functions as we know it today. Anxiety is impacting my student's ability to move through the college process with ease but also the way they learn. My students are struggling to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time. A majority of my clients claim to have "test anxiety". While I understand that to be a real issue,  I have also learned there are ways to manage such challenges. One of those is our breath.

Professional Development for Educators

In addition to sharing some basic techniques with my clients, I also offer professional development training for educators, social workers, school administrators, school counselors, school nurses, pre-service teachers, health practitioners, college students (Really, I can tailor this training for just about anyone!) which includes social-emotional learning components.


Most recently, I partnered with Heidi Phillips, with Move Your Brain, offering a workshop for educators on the campus of Butler University. The workshop was called Empowering Educators through Movement and Breath. We'll be offering my sessions on this topic in the upcoming months. Contact me to learn more



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