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Abhay, Babson College Class of 2019

Honestly, without the help of Anne I would not been able to get into Babson College. She made sure I made every college deadline, reviewed all my essays whenever needed, and guided me through the bureaucracies of the college application process. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an edge in the application process.

Kennedy, Transylvania University

Anne is very personable – almost like an extension of the family. She was able to really get to know me on a personal level. She took time to get to know our strengths and weaknesses, and work around them. Anne also genuinely wanted what was best for us. Even a decade later, I still feel like I can reach out to her!

                        "While I have many                                        students who have been

                        admitted to top tier colleges

                        and universities around the

                        country, "top tier" is not my focus. My focus is on finding the best fit for my students. I firmly believe that the success of a student is not determined by the name of the college or university. (I know there are many who disagree with this statement but I have hundreds of students who prove my belief to be correct.) I have students who have attended their state, public university and gone on to do amazing work. Yet at the same time, I have had students attend a top tier college and have struggled to find employment beyond graduation. If a student takes advantage of all the many opportunities presented to them in college and builds upon their experiences and skills, viable employment as well as graduate school acceptance will become a reality."

Parent of New York University Student

Having Anne help navigate the college process was the best decision we made as a family. Her experience, knowledge, and wonderful demeanor were a perfect match for our son as well as us (parents). Anne’s guidance throughout the process relieved so much stress knowing that she and our son together were working on a well thought out timeline. If we had to do it all over again–we would not change a thing. This was worth every $ we spent!!!!!

Kristin Andree and Bailey Andree,
University of Georgia Class of 2021

We highly recommend Anne to any parent feeling clueless about the college process (it is significantly different that when we were kids!) and wanting to create a stress-free experience for their child, and themselves.


Before we hired Anne, I was completely overwhelmed even thinking about how to best prepare my daughter for college. We could never seem to get on the same page about what classes to take, and I had no idea how to even begin to help her in selecting the right school. Once Anne begin working with us, my stress immediately faded. She helped Bailey choose the best classes to round out her high school years, helped in selecting the perfect school, and guided us through the application & scholarship processes. My daughter is finishing her fist year of college and could not be happier — she found she perfect fit & we have Anne to thank for that! Looking forward to Anne guiding my younger girls in preparing for & choosing their futures!

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