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From a Student to a Student

While I work with students from across the country, my home is in Macomb, Illinois. It is also the home of Western Illinois University. So, naturally I follow social media and community discussion boards to keep up with what’s going on around campus. I couldn’t help but notice wonderful closing remarks that were shared by the current WIU Student Government Association President, Grant Reed, at a recent open house event. We can all benefit from his "5 tips from a student to a student."

1. It's great to be a dreamer, but it’s better to be a doer. Don't sit around and think about all you can do. Go do it.

2. Get up, dress up, show up. You chose to be here. You made a commitment. See it through.

3. Get involved. Your education is not limited to 50 minute lectures.

4. Find a mentor. Find someone who will be as dedicated to you reaching your goals as you are.

5. Be kind. There are a lot of people who have put time, energy, and money into helping you get where you are. Honor them and pay it forward by showing kindness to those around you. Life is too short to not be kind.

If we all followed these 5 tips, there is nothing we can't do.

I can’t think of any better words to share at this time of the year, when students are preparing to graduate high school and step foot on a college campus in the fall. Let's be encouraged by these words each and every day.

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