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My Top Ten List

In 2001 I joined the wonderful world of college consulting when applications were done by paper and pen and I hosted envelope writing parties. Fast forward a few years into 2005 when I started College Bound Associates, LLC, applications were changing, technology was (and still is) changing, and students were (and still are)

changing. BUT, there are a few things I have consistently said from year to year which haven’t changed. Here are my TEN timely tips!

Ten Timely Tips for Planning for College

  1. Plan ahead. (Early bird gets the worm!)

  2. Start the process early. (This will eliminate much anxiety.)

  3. Ask questions. (Attend College Fairs!)

  4. Explore early and often. (Visit campuses!)

  5. Get connected. (Reach out to college reps. Join college mailing lists.)

  6. Job shadow. (Explore your interests to help narrow your areas of study)

  7. Be true to yourself. (Students need to follow their interests.)

  8. Get involved. (Don’t be a wall flower! Do something you love!)

  9. Study hard! Grades matter. (This, my friends, is the most important!)

  10. Have fun and enjoy the process.

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