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Tips for a Successful Year

Back at it again!

As all of you are well aware, it is back to school time! This time of year is motivating for me. I love to see back to school photos on Facebook and I know autumn is just around the corner for Friday night football games. As everyone heads back to school, I recommend setting goals for a successful school year. Whether you have a high school student or college student, these tips can help.

We’ve all heard the saying that bad habits are hard to break, right? Well, I’m telling you that GOOD habits are easy to make! (and it’s easy to stick to ‘em!) It takes about 21 days to make something a habit, so why not start those 21 days at the beginning of the school year. There’s no better time!

Start your school year by making a few things daily habits.

is a good friend of mine who is also a Student Success Coach. She always recommends the following:

  • Go to class! For high school students, this one is fairly easy to do. For college students, it may be more difficult because of late night studying or adjusting to a more independent lifestyle. It is necessary to go to class so your professor knows you care and, equally important, you need to learn the subject matter. If you have to miss class, contact the professor to let them know.

  • Be organized! Make a to-do list and prioritize tasks. You can’t depend on your memory to remember everything. Make a daily list and order your tasks based on those priorities.

  • Build a relationship with your professor (or teacher, for high school students). Stop by their office or classroom during office hours to introduce yourself so they get to know you. This not only helps you build a relationship with your professor, but also makes the most of your education! Plus, you’ve already broken the ice — and that makes it much easier to reach out if you need help later in the semester.

  • Get involved! One of the most rewarding and fun aspects of school is the opportunity to get involved in student organizations. It is a great way to meet new people, have fun, and build upon your skills (that might come in handy later when applying for a job!) For high school students, it is important to be active and begin to find a few interests. (Don’t just sit and play video games!)

  • Study smart! When it is time to study, UNPLUG! There is no such thing as being a great multi-tasker when studying. For college students, as a general rule, 2-3 hours of studying/homework completion are necessary for every ONE hour of class time. So, students taking 15 credit hours can expect to study 30-45 hours a week. High school students, this is not as easy of an answer because it depends on the courses a student is taking. Generally high school students should be studying 2-4 hours a night.

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